Fans tears into Chiyangwa’s $1 Million deal

Not many football fans supported the candidature of Philip Chiyangwa getting into the ZIFA Presidency.

The flamboyant Business man is better known for selfies and bling and many football fans felt he does not have much football experience.

Hardly in his 1st month of office Chiyangwa has made questionable decisions. Firstly it was his uncharacteristic of taking a leave hardly days after assuming office.

His board headed a chaotic episode that saw Warriors coach being fired and replaces and then reinstated within 48 hours.

And now recently, Chiyangwa announced a $1 Million deal with another controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo. Well the fans seem unmoved with the deal.

… and nobody can blame them. The supposedly contract or memorandum of Agreement falls shot of professionalism.

It boggles the mind that a businessman can promise to give an organisation $1 million over 3 year period and both parties sign a one page agreement?

It was done in a typical Do It Yourself style, surprisingly in a country so full of Lawyers, let alone ZIFA’s law representation.

The agreement was signed on a one page document with absolutely no letterhead of either the parties.

Considering it a million dollar deal it’s quite a surprise that there is no witness cited on the documents.

Both signatories to the agreement failed to realise that the spelling to Tom Saintfiet was spelled wrong (“Saintliff”), remarkably Chiyangwa’s first name is spelt wrong in the document.

One fan on our Facebook platform said, “Kana contract yemuskana wangu webasa is more detailed than this and it doesn’t exist!😔”


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