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Harare City Council and Sports Commission irk Chiyangwa

ZIFA Chairman Philip Chiyangwa has blasted The Harare City Council and the Sports Commission after discovery that the two parties took the greater share on gate takings from the Mighty Warriors game against Tanzania while the players were left with nothing.

Chiyangwa had promised the girls, who had earlier on striked demanding allowances and winning bonuses, that they will share amongst themselves whatever they will gate from gate takings.

The match which was played at Rufaro Stadium was decently attended but the Harare City Council took their stake of 20% of the gate takings while the Sports commission to 15% and several other organisations like the police also got their share leaving very little money for the players.

, A furious Chiyangwa blasted the organisations and even labeled them vultures who want to sow where they never reaped.

Chiyangwa accused the Government who he says refuses to fund National teams but want to also reap from proceeds of their games.

“When you have people and organisations feasting on the gate-takings, with the money being shared at the stadium, and the players themselves — who are the stars who brought the people who paid that money to the stadium — end up with nothing, then we should be questioning ourselves whether this is worth it after all Chiyangwa told the Herald in an interview.

“We promised the players that they will get all the gate-takings and suddenly today I am being told that nothing was left for them because the money went to the City Council, some of it went to the Sports Commission and even our own ZIFA councillor was paid while our girls, who did the nation proud by qualifying for the next round, received nothing.

“This is just not right and I will not allow it because some of us suffer a lot, just to make sure that the team is put in camp, the team is fed in camp, the team is provided with the right equipment to represent our nation, remember we are not getting any help right now from the Government in terms of this campaign by the Mighty Warriors, and the team flies to Tanzania to represent our country.” added Chiyangwa

Chiyangwa challenged the organisations to be supportive of National team events if they genuinely care about the country.

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