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Musona speaks on “Panenka” penalty

Zimbabwe national team striker Knowledge Musona has spoken about his penalty in the Warriors 4-0 against Swaziland.

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Musona opened the scoring with a cheeky penalty showing great composure and confidence under pressure. The penalty method known as a Panenka  after Czech player Antonín Panenka, who used it in 1976 UEFA European Championship finals.

Speaking about the audacious penalty Musona said, “I knew the keeper would move . I always see this happening in Belgium that keepers move and penalties being taken like that so I decided to do that.

Musona also gave some advice on taking such a penalty,  “When you want to take a penalty like that don’t think twice just take it .If you do that (thinking twice) it might go wrong and you miss added Musona.

The Warriors will be hoping Musona’s confidence with goals continues in the remaining two games. Zimbabwe currently lead the group with 8 points but have Swaziland and Guinea three points behind.

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