Wicknell: I am richer than match fixers and Warriors will be paid well!

ZIFA sponsor Wicknell Chivayo says he has more money than match fixers and will make sure the Warriors will be paid well.

Chivayo was present at the National Sport Stadium yesterday as Zimbabwe thrashed Swaziland 4-0 to take go top of Group L.

Chivayo who is sponsoring ZIFA to the tune of $1 million hosted the Warriors last night and gave them an undisclosed reward for the win and promised more financial incentives if they qualified.

Writing on his Facebook page post Wicknell said:

 GO WARRIORS GO…..it goes without saying that if you make a RICH MAN happy YOU GET PAID……SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT FORWARD….I left Cape Town in rush yesterday to watch my boys play and they didn’t disappoint me , I can safely say yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life. DREAD NHAMOINESU was my personal choice of MAN OF THE MATCH and MUSONA’S nice and slow penalty kick shocked me. TAKAIPA TAKAIPA…..I had dinner with them in the evening at their hotel and I assured them that i”m way RICHER than all these stupid MATCH FIXERS..I think I’m going to buy each of the players a pair of sunglasses because their future is TOO BRIGHT…..Also with the way DREAD performed yesterday he can go to registrar general’s office and request a name change from NHAMOINESU to RUGARERUNESU….All i ask is please keep quiet and watch my name is WICKNELL ndinoera MOYO CHURANDU vachi rera nherera vanorera nedzisi dzavo so I DON’T SAY THINGS TWICE…I’m so proud of my boys WORDS CAN’T EXPRESS HOW I FEEL and thanks to everyone who came to support them.

The feeling of being the proud national team sponsor is PRICELESS. What I could I possibly do for my country being the highest paid MD on the land… I won’t disclose what I’m going to give them or what I gave them simply because I don’t mean to brag with this PETTY CASH or AIRTIME MONEY. This is all sincere and from the bottom of my heart…..GO WARRIORS GO…..AFCON HERE WE COME…..HAPANA ZVAMUNO TIITA.