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Chiyangwa says stakeholders will now only get 10% of gate takings

ZIFA President Philip Chiyangwa says stakeholders ripping off the national team with high charges will be a thing of the past and will now only get 10% of gate fees.

National teams and clubs have had most gate takings wiped out due to payment to various stakeholders such as the police, SRC, municipalities.

Chiyangwa told the Sunday News in an interview, “It’s now up to us to determine how much we should pay out.

“Police are out there to keep peace, or to guard against civil arrest, why should we pay them handsomely for doing their job. Why should local government demand a hefty 20 percent.

“We are saying we are going to part with 10 percent of our gate takings (to pay stakeholders) like what is happening in other countries, where they prioritise the development of the game.

Chiyangwa believes players should ultimately benefit from the gate takings, Players should benefit from profits from the gate takings he added.

Chiyangwa’s comments come after the Warriors were given less than 50% of the gate takings following their win over Swaziland in an AFCON qualifier at the National Sport Stadium.

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