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Bale insists EURO 2016 semi-final is not about Ronaldo and him

Ahead of Euro 2016 encounter with Portugal, Gareth Bale insists that the game will be about much more than himself versus Cristiano Ronaldo.

The media focus ahead of the semi-final has been all about the duel between the two Real Madrid stars, who have played together in the Spanish capital for three seasons.

“It’s not a match between [Ronaldo] and me, it’s between two countries,” the Welshman insisted to reporters.

“Cristiano is a fantastic player, I love playing next to him, we understand each other well at Madrid.

“I do not know what kind of pressure he’s under in Portugal. I do know that I am quiet, like my team. I’m not the one to say who is the better of the two of us.”

Portugal have reached the semi-finals despite not having won a single game in 90 minutes, and have been rather criticised as a result.

“If Portugal are in the semi-finals it’s not by luck, and the same goes for us,” Bale expressed.

“I don’t agree at all that their game is ugly or boring. They defend well and score goals. What we have to do is to continue the same way. Here we don’t have any stars, the star is the team.”

The Welsh superstar did not participate fully during Monday’s training but insists it’s nothing to worry about.

“It’s something that was planned, I feel good,” Bale insisted. “Only at this time of the season you need a little longer recovery.” ?

Wales are enjoying a historic tournament as they, at their very first European Championship, have reached the semi-finals, but they want more.

“That’s why we came here [to reach the final] and that’s what we have worked for since the start of the tournament. With everything that happens from now on we are one step closer,” Bale said.

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