FC Platinum fight back take aim at Omega Sibanda

FC Platinum have hit back at ZIFA vice president Omega Sibanda after his comments following FC Platinum’s 1-0 over Chicken Inn.

The match was marred by questionable officiating which lead the Sibanda to state that the association would come hard on match officials that were deciding games.

Chicken Inn were furious as well and wrote to ZIFA asking the referee of the match to be suspended and threatened to write to FIFA to suspend all matches until the case has been looked at and investigated.

However FC Platinum have countered Sibanda’s allegations and expressed concern over his comments describing them as unfortunate.

FC Platinum pointed out that Sibanda was not the best position to comment on such matches as he was conflicted by virtue of having an outstanding court case with the club.

A statement read by FC Platinum secretary General Benson Virimai addressed to the PSL read:

Mr Omega Sibanda is a public figure who holds the second highest office in football governance in the country.As such we expect him to comment responsibly and issue out officila and factual statement to relevant media platforms.Football statues are very clear on issues relating to match officiating worldwide.If it is indeed true,we find it absurd that Mr Omega Siband chose to utter biased comments on the performances of the match officials who handled the match.

We note with dismay the negative utterances carried in various print and social media platforms. The utterances were allegedly said by ZIFA vice president Omega Sibanda regarding the match against Chicken Inn at White City Stadium in Bulawayo/.

Our view is that the utterances were not factually balanced and were made with malice given Omega Sibanda has a pending case at the High Court against FC Platinum (case Number HC3212/11) where he took football matters outside the football jurisdiction to the courts of law).

We do not believe that Omega Sibanda is in good standing to comment on FC Platinum matches because of the pending case at the High Court as such comments may disadvantage FC Platinum in the future.

FC Platinum also pointed out that Sibanda chose to turn a blind eye to other incidents during the match.

Mr Omega Sibanda’s alleged utterances also insinuate that FC Platinum bribed the match official. An allegation that is very malicious. The allegations also seek to portray that FC Platinum were not worthy winners of the match continued the statement. 


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