ZIFA President Philip Chiyangwa has paid tribute to the Mighty Warriors for their performances at the 2016 Olympics Games. The Mighty Warriors arrived back in the country yesterday and were met at the airport by Chiyangwa and a number of fans.

Zimbabwe lost all three Group games but won many admirers for their resilience in the face of difficult cirumstances.To their credit they managed to score in all games.

“They are the Pride of Zimbabwe said Chiyangwa .”They came up against the best teams in the world and did well he added .

Chiyangwa later rubbished reports suggesting the Mighty Warriors had been abandoned by the association after being picked up from the airport. Social media was awash with image of the Mighty Warriors sitting at the side of the road with their luggage attempting to get transport into the city centre. While the players had been reportedly been given $5 upon arrival.

A statement from Chiyangwa read:

I want to put it on record that the question of my benevolence should not be abused whenever there is an opportunity for people to associate me with their ills.

There was no ZIFA person involved today, it was ZOC and when the players disbursed, it was after they had finished their business with ZOC and whatever you are hearing (about the Mighty Warriors getting $5 each on their return) has nothing to do with ZIFA, or me, or my administration.

We have money (for the Mighty Warriors), which will be distributed next week, together with their stands.

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