Dynamos and Warriors centre back, Elisha Muroiwa, says he has put behind the disappointment of losing the Nations Cup in January and is now looking forward to a new season.

The 28-year-old said AFCON was for inspiration after he was hugely criticised for a drab performance in Gabon as the Warriors defence looked shoddy but says he will not be drawn back to the disaster.

“I think AFCON was a learning process for the sake of the future and I have put that behind. I’m moving on. [However], I feel so great to be part of the AFCON team that was in Gabon,” Muroiwa told Soccer24.

Muroiwa said moving on quickly was essential as the new season looks bright for the Glamour boys with a new look squad which he believes is ready to storm the premier league in 2017.

“I think we have a great team that has potential to do [great things] unlike last year. Like I have said before, we have age and energy on our side [and] that will take us a long way. So I believe we will do so well when the league starts,” he said.

Muroiwa also said he is working together with other young defenders at Dynamos such as Peace Muhaka and insists that the young blood is showing signs of learning and progress.

“Mostly I’m teaching them to be patient when we are playing games [since] that is the most important thing to be when you are defending so that we won’t concede too many fouls in our half. So I think we they are doing well [and] they are taking it seriously,” he said.