Pay TV broadcaster Supersport has terminated its broadcasting contract with the Kenyan Premier League with immediate effect.

Supersport has cited a breach of contract as the reason for the contract termination. The Kenyan Premier League has been embroiled in disputes with the Kenyan Federation with the most recent issue being a decision to increase the number of teams from 16 to 18.

A statement from Supersport read:

SuperSport has cancelled its contract with the Kenyan Football League (KPL) following KPL’s breach of the Licence Agreement entered into by the parties. The situation became untenable and it put SuperSport at risk therefore SuperSport has no option but to terminate the contract.

SuperSport will continue in its commitment to providing the best sports content in Africa via platforms with cutting-edge technology and on multiple devices.

Formal notice of cancellation of the contract has been given and all the necessary procedures and steps are being put in place to manage the exit from this league.

Zimbabwe,Zambia and South Africa are the countries where Supersport still hold broadcasting rights of the local league.

Supersport’s contract with the ZPSL is set to expire this year. Despite them holding exclusive rights to the league no ZPSL matches have been broadcast this season a situation that has left many fans frustrated.