Following violent scenes that rocked the Part 1 of the Battle of Zimbabwe between Highlanders and Dynamos fans are divided on who should be blamed for the fracas.

The match was interrupted then subsequently abandoned after only 42 minutes was played following a heavily disputed equalizer by Dynamos’ Entouba.

Bosso fans felt the goal should have not have been allowed to stand, while the blue half argue the goal was genuine and should stand.

Evidently, the matches pitting the two teams are so sensitive that any small mistake can blow beyond propotions.

One avid Soccer fan, Prince Sibanda feels its high time PSL consider hiring foreigners to handle the heated match up.

“The Al Ahly-Zamalek game is always handled by foreign officials because local referees failed to be impartial hence causing frequent scenes of violence.

“Zimbabwe officials have failed the impartiality test on occasions too numerous to count, I fear the case is strong for impartial officials. Crucify me for my opinion if you dare cause I don’t care!

“The derby is a very tense and highly charged affair where emotions run high. The slightest hint of bias can set off a powder keg. I’m against hooliganism but yet another derby has been ruined by biased officiating.”, Sibanda vented his views on Soccer24 Facebook page.

Do you agree with Prince Sibanda? Should Foreigners be hired to officiate Battle of Zimbabwe?

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the fan in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the Soccer24.