Kaindu: Harare City A ‘Juju’ Team That Plays Games During The Night

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Fires have already been stoked well before the Chibuku Super Cup final with How Mine coach Kelvin Kaindu labeling Harare City a team that believes in ‘things’ and play their matches a ‘night’ before the actual game.

Harare City coach Philani ‘Beefy’ Ncube started the ‘fight’ saying he was wishing for a draw against How Mine since the tournament was in its infancy and Kaindu had the chance to reply after booking a final berth with a 3-1 win over Shabanie Mine while Harare City overcame Bulawayo City 1-0.

Kaindu said he was also relishing for such an encounter that he was short of saying a ‘spirituality battle ‘ highlighting that he will triumph through God.

“ We are playing a team that believes in other things that is their strength but for us I think we worship God and we trust in the almighty. For this this is a battle that has started and I think there will be many issues to come up football being played in the night and before the game has started. There will be battles on the field of play and battles outside the field of play,” said Kaindu.

“ We are playing a game against the opponents probably thought that wanted to play against us. I am happy that God has allowed that. We are waiting to see because there is a lot involved before and during the match. I hope God will be on our side,” added Kaindu.

Beefy as Ncube is affectionately known has built a reputation as a coach who is associated with charms of use of juju during matches. A few seasons ago whilst still at How Mine , Beefy made headlines when his team was busted when it had candles of different colours burning in the dressing room while matches were underway. On the other hand Harare at one time had a black cat run across the pitch at Rufaro stadium during a league match against Highlanders some seasons ago while Bigboy Mawiwi was still in charge. The date and venue of the Chibuku Super Cup is still to be announced.