Mapeza Asks For Respect Among Coaches

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The FC Platinum coach is asking for respect among fellow professionals. He said this ahead of his team’s do or die match against a stubborn Harare city.

Philani Ncube is one coach who is very good at playing mind games and Mapeza sees nothing wrong in that. However he hastened to add that as long it is done respectfully without the intention of undermining a fellow coach he sees nothing wrong with it.

Mapeza says he is fortunate not to have been mentally bullied by Ncube. “Well Ncube does that to other coaches but to me he has never done that. You know its football at the end of the day, what we just need to do is to respect each other in whatever we do. We must mind whatever we say to each other we don’t need to undermine fellow colleagues because his club is at the bottom or mid table. We need to respect ourselves, yes mind games are allowed but lets do them with respect. I respect every coach in this country whether he is in division 2 or division 1, I respect. I must show respect and that is all I am asking for”, pleaded Mapeza.