Black Rhinos coach Stanford ‘Stix’ Mutizwa has admitted that they need to work more on  the defense if they want to survive relegation.

Rhinos suffered another away defeat yesterday after they lost 2-0 to Highlanders on Sunday in a match they dominated position.

“Our defense in the first round was very good but now its a different case in this second round. We are conceding a lot of goals. It’s the defense which we need to work on. I think we need to make some additions so that we can maintain the pace like what we did in the first round,” said Mutizwa.

“We always wanted to stay in the league. We are working on that and i hope next year we will start again.”

Black Rhinos had an impressive run in the first half of the season which saw them move to the top of the table at some point. They are currently on tenth position with 38 points, six points above a team which occupies the top position in relegation zone.