Chapungu coach Tendai Chikuni took a dig at Dynamos saying they are ‘cowardly winners’ after their 1-0 win at the National Sports stadium.

Quality Kangadzi scored with just a minute before full time much to the annoyance of Chapungu who had dominated the match.

Chikuni accused Dynamos of ‘abusing’ the ball boys ordering them to hide all the balls.

“Let us lose fairly not in this manner where you hide all the balls.  Why hide the balls when you have just scored. Does this take our football forward. We need to do things that promote our football not such things. What are we teaching the youngsters,” fumed Chikuni.

“Even their coach kept on getting on to the field of play but the referee didn’t do anything about it. So where is the fairness. The assistant coach also got on to the pitch but nothing was done.”

The match had its on fair share of controversy when Dynamos goalkeepers’ coach Zondai Nyaungwa ordered the ball boys to kick the balls into the Chapungu goal at the start of the second half. Towards the end of the second, Nyaungwa rose from the bench and went to the Chapungu goal area where he poured some liquid, prompting a Chapungu official to go and remove the liquid container.

The issue of ball boys sparked violence in the match between Ngezi Platinum and Dynamos last weekend. Recently Highlanders coach Erol Akbay also registered his displeasure, accusing Caps United of winning with the help of ball boys.