The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) will continue to enforce adherence to club licensing regulations in line with proposals by the Federation of International Football (FIFA) and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

As was the case in the 2017 football season, football clubs’ technical teams should be made up of suitably qualified personnel, a move meant to infuse professionalism in the local game.

The standardisation of coaches’ qualifications will require all Premier Soccer League coaches and their assistants to attain a CAF A licence, while head coaches practicing in the regional Division One leagues will need CAF B Licence. Coaches who attained local Level 3 and 4 certificates before they were scrapped off the local curriculum can use those certificates to practice in the regional league.

At least a Level 2 local badge is required for all assistant coaches in Division One league while Divisions Two, Three and Four coaches should be in possession of a CAF C Licence or the local Level 3 or 4, and the same barometer applies to coaches in tertiary institutions.

A grassroots coaching certificate and a local Level 2 licence are prerequisites for junior football coaches as well as those working with pupils at primary and secondary school level.

Goalkeepers’ coaches will be eligible to practice if they have attained at least a local Level 2 coaching qualification.

Team managers are also obliged to have attained at least a football administration certificate. Team managers can alternatively be in possession of any coaching qualification.

All technical team members will be required to submit two passport size photos to the ZIFA registration offices for the purposes of accreditation for the 2018 season.

All officials will be furnished with accreditation badges, and the badge will be a prerequisite for officials to be granted permission to sit on the bench during the 2018 season