Chicken Inn failed to capitalize on any of their chances in their second Castle Lager Premiership match against new boys Nichrut with the team’s coach Joey Antipas later blaming the referee.

The Game Cocks dominated the game but its strikers all wasted chances to convert.

At the post-match conference, Chicken Inn’s coach Joey Antipas blasted the referee for ‘robbing’ his team of what he considered unfair officiating.

“We dominated the game for large periods but due to unforeseen circumstances we were just blocked. Whenever we had the ball or whenever we were going for a 50-50 tussle the decision went against us. That’s not football, this is the beginning of the season, let’s be fair,” thundered Antipas as quoted by the Sundaymail.

“The Referees Association should speak to their referees because they are spoiling it, please don’t spoil football.”, he added.