Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon says replacing Cristiano Ronaldo will be impossible.

Ronaldo is on the brink of signing for Juventus .

Calderon told Tuttomercato: “If Ronaldo were to leave Madrid, he would leave a gap that would be impossible to fill,”

“You can not easily find a champion who, in addition to participating decisively in team play, guarantees more than 50 goals per season, and much more for the past nine years.

“Florentino Perez has made excellent decisions for Real over the years, but he has the defect of not picking up the inheritance that is left to him by others. Something similar happened with Casillas and Raul.

“It culminated when Ronaldo realised Florentino didn’t value him they way he should. He wanted a better salary, which is normal for the best employee in a company.

“He was upset when reports said Real were prepared to pay double his salary to Neymar.”