The Premier Soccer League has denied reports suggesting that they are paying expensive rentals.

There was a story published in a local newspaper early this week saying the PSL was losing $8 000 every month to rent its head offices in Eastlea, Harare.

The statement by the league also dismissed claims that they refused an offer from former partners, Mbada Diamond to secure them own premises for offices.

Here is the statement:

We have read with dismay inaccurate and misleading media reports insinuating that the Premier Soccer League (PSL) is paying rentals way above market rates.

We would like to set the record straight that PSL is not paying rentals near the stated figures of $8000 (eight thousand dollars) per month for its Harare Head Office. In fact, the combined rentals for both Harare and Bulawayo Offices do not add up to half of the alleged figures. It is also untrue that the leased premises are owned by a local farmer.

Lease Agreements for the two premises are available for our stakeholders to peruse. The leased premises in Bulawayo were secured by the previous PSL Management Committee in 2009, before the current Chief Executive Officer was employed by the League.

We also wish to categorically dismiss claims that Mbada Diamonds offered to buy PSL offices. That is misleading information.

It is important to point out that PSL’s Financial Statements are audited annually by reputable external auditors who are approved and appointed by the Board of Governors. The PSL Board members are fully aware of monies paid to all our service providers including the landlords.

Furthermore, the League’s Annual budgets are prepared in conjunction with the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Governors. It is on the basis of these budgets that any expenditure will be incurred during the year.

It is important to note that decisions concerning the operations of the PSL are made by the Board of Governors and implemented by the Emergency Committee and the Secretariat. Decisions made by the Emergency Committee in between Congresses’ are ratified by the Board of Governors.

The PSL Secretariat does not interfere with the leadership processes in the organisation. The Secretariat has and will always work under anyone elected by the PSL Governors.

The PSL is a very transparent organisation. It is surprising that some members of the media have been writing stories without giving us an opportunity to respond. We are of the considered opinion that this is very unethical, as we have never refused to respond to media enquiries.