Former Dynamos midfielder Eddie Mashiri says the current players should have a robust mindset change so that they don’t fall into the same pitfalls as their predecessors.

Mashiri, a former crowd favourite at Dembare and Bush Bucks in South Africa, believes players have a wrong mindset when it comes to investment, and that is why most of the former players end up being destitute after retiring.

“You know when you are still playing, you kind of get immune to advise, and you also believe that you will be immune to the problems affecting most former players. There is a general belief among players here that you can only make a meaningful investment when playing outside the country. But we are saying no, it’s not like that, with the little that you are getting now, invest because it’s not all of us who are going to get the opportunity to play outside the country in better leagues,” said Mashiri.

“I have teamed up with some former players going around the Premier League clubs and lower divisions preaching this using ourselves and some former players as examples. The house I am staying right now, I bought it because of the influence that my father had on me.

“Because I was young during that time, making headlines every day, I never thought about it and my fellow players also didn’t think about investing because we were young, naive and we thought we owned the world.

“But what I am saying is that we have walked down the road and know the terrain, now we realise that what we earned was enough to make the meaningful investment and what these players are earning can still make lots of investment.

“We lived fake lives because we were popular then and they should also not lead fake lives and focus on the future because there many more years ahead than the playing days,” added Mashiri.