Aspiring Zifa president Felton Kamambo is still not satisfied despite the lifting of the ban on him in contesting in the coming elections.

Kamambo was on Tuesday given the green light by the Electoral Committee, albeit a lower court after the Appeals Committee which is the supreme electoral body had last week upheld his disqualification and that of aspiring vice president Gift Banda.

“What has just happened has shown that the Electoral Committee is not in charge and has been captured. It’s odd that the Electoral Committee which is the lower body can overrule the decision of the Appeals Committee which is the supreme decision-making body,” said Kamambo.

” The environment is not conducive for holding free and fair elections because (Philip) Chiyangwa and his team are controlling all the functions of the bodies that should be run independently. So I have been pushing FIFA to take charge of the election process.”

After succumbing to pressure, current Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa allowed Kamambo and Banda to contest in the elections which have now been pushed to 8 December. Kamambo and Banda were initially barred from taking part on a number of flimsy excuses.