A new Zimbabwe Football Association executive committee will be selected today by 58 members of the ZIFA Assembly at the polls set to be held in Harare.

The elections were supposed to take place on the 1st of the month but were postponed after the Electoral Committee announced that aspiring president Felton Kamambo and Gift Banda (vice presidency) had been allowed back to contest. The duo had been disqualified over some flimsy allegations before they approached FIFA.

But the incumbent administration continued to frustrate other challengers which led Barry Manandi who was contesting for a committee member post to withdraw his candidature. He cited irregularities in announcing the final candidates for the polls as the reason for withdrawal.

There have also been concerns of late after Kamambo and Banda were arrested three days before the elections, a move believed to frustrate the pair.

Kamambo is accused of threatening Zifa chief executive Joseph Mamutse with ‘future violence’ while Banda was taken into custody on allegations of unprocedural selling of a piece of land when he was still Bulawayo deputy mayor.

Nonetheless, local football legends are rallying behind them as they feel the pair has the credentials to ‘take’ football forward.

Meanwhile, a FIFA delegation will oversee the ZIFA elections.