Cuthbert Chitima resigned as Caps United CEO on Monday after occupying the post since 2015.

He first served as an acting CEO during his first year before becoming substantive in 2016 when the new board was appointed.

Chitima says that he is leaving Caps United to pursue other business opportunities.

“The reason I resigned from my post at Caps United is that there is a business opportunity that I got. It’s very demanding, and I cannot do it at the same time as the job at Caps United which is a big club.

“The business offer is a lifetime opportunity which I could not let go, and that’s the only reason I left Caps United, nothing else,” said Chitima.

However, other reports suggest that the departure at the Green Machine was due to poor working conditions with the club’s minority shareholder Nhamo Tutisani.

But Chitima’s explanation, nonetheless, puts an end to speculation that he is going to replace Kenny Ndebele as the Premier Soccer League CEO.