Macauley Bonne’s management has slammed Zifa for failing to secure the English-born striker a Zimbabwean passport before the Afcon tournament.

Mathew Halford, the managing director of Oakmont Black Sports, took to Twitter to express his displeasure over the delay in acquiring the passport.

Halford alleges that some people stalled the process and described the football body and Zimbabwe officials at the passport department as incompetent.

“The sheer incompetence of Zifa and Zimbabwe officials handling the Macauley Bonne’s passport is staggering. We filed documentation over two months ago.

“Despite our best efforts, the negligence of unnamed individuals has disappointed the fans and players alike! #AFCON Embarrassing,” said the player’s agent on Twitter.

Bonne missed out on the final selection for the 2019 Afcon tournament announced early this week.

The player had hoped to travel to Egypt with the Warriors and claimed in May that he was ready to represent Zimbabwe.