Alvin Zhakata reveals he got involved in road accident

Warriors fan Alvin Zhakata who travelled across Africa from Cape Town in South Africa to Cairo, Egypt by road to watch the Afcon tournament has revealed that he got involved in an accident at some point between Sudan and Egypt.

Zhakata embarked on the road trip with his South African counterpart Botha Msila who gave up before reaching Ethiopia and finished the journey on the plane.

The Warriors fan faced many difficulties along the way while concerns over his safety emerged following a military coup in Ethiopia and an ongoing civil war in Sudan.

He managed to arrive in Egypt on Wednesday, ten days after the Warriors’ elimination from the tournament.

Zhakata posted on Twitter this morning revealing the incident.

He tweeted: “My journey was so eventful. At some point on our way from Sudan TO Egypt, our bus was involved in a freak accident in the middle of a desert.”

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