Former Warriors captain Benjani Mwaruwari says his son, Benjani Jr, who is at Portsmouth plays a bit different from him.

Benjani Jr who is also a striker is attached to the club’s under-15 and under-16 sides.

In an interview with UK-based website, The News, Mwaruwari said:

“I don’t give my son pressure, if he manages to come through, it’s all up to him (remain at the club).

“For me it is not about pushing him. I want him to discover and see and love the game without me pushing.

“He is a bit different to me as a player, he dribbles a lot, he scores goals. But if you want to make the most out of the game, you need to have a little bit of hard work.

“That’s what I am trying to teach him. I told him you don’t have to look at me, just play the game and make sure you’re playing it right and fight and fight every time you train and play — and the rest will follow.”

Mwaruwari, a crowd favourite during his time at Portsmouth, began his time in England at the club in 2006 where he managed to make a name for himself before moving away two years later.

He returned to Pompey in 2011 and played for one season.