To remove the footer from the free wordpress theme, woocommce themes you will have to visit the widget section.

How can you get free WordPress themes?

The WordPress theme directory is a great place to find free themes and Free Themes you can download them as .zip files: WordPress ››Theme Directory “Free WordPress Themes” Plus, wordpress themes download you can also get premium WordPress themes for free: Nulled WordPress Themes Subscribe to the theme stores’ blogs and look for giveaways. Sometimes they just release a big number of licenses as a giveaway or contest. Easy to get those. Read More

share: Where you will get 3 Column wordpress Nice Free Theme?

There are lots of free themes on WordPress and Free Themes there are some on newwpthemes. Read More

share: Do Blogger templates work with wordpress?

No. You can get free templates for WordPress from website Read More

share: Where can free wordpress themes be downloaded?

You can download Free themes in your site admin dashboard themes section. Other than it, themes directory is best choice for you to download the free themes. Read More

share: Where can you get wordpress themes for wordpress themes download free distribution to your clients with all distribution rights or if any one provides wordpress themes to a startup companyi would like to know details?

Please search word press themes Using you favorite internet search engine. There are many themes to choose from. Read More

share: Where can I download the best free wordpress themes?

Within the WordPress Admin panel select Appearance and Themes. From the Install themes tab at the top you can select from a range of thousands of themes with the Find Themes button at the bottom. By searching through the Admin panel you can preview your own blog in the theme before deciding if you like the look of it and Free Themes you can automatically install any themes you decide to use. Read More

share: How can you install wordPress without having webhosting?

You can’t install manual templates on blogs, woocommce themes but you could certainly use a free host and install custom WordPress to manually put themes. Theme installation is easy, you just need to upload the zip file (Using Themes ” WordPress Codex.) Read More

share: Where can you download the Twenty Ten wordpress theme?

The Twenty Ten WordPress theme is included for free in all new downloads of the WordPress software. However, if you need to download the new Twenty Ten theme you can do so from the official WordPress theme repository. This is located on the .org web site for WordPress under the Extend menu. You can browse for the theme, and other themes there. Read More

share: How do you uninstall wordpress from dreamhost?

To remove WordPress from a Dreamhost hosted website you need to log in to your Dreamhost account. Click on the Free Software/One Click Installs option and select the…  Upgrade or remove previously installed software – Advanced mode This will list what software you have installed. You can Remove or Delete your WordPress files from the available Actions listed. Read More

share: How much does it cost to build a blog?

You can make a blog for free. Try it in wordpress or blogspot. —- First, as the person above stated you can have it for free. Second, to answer your question, you can build a WordPress blog for as low as $77.55 per year, and two premium WordPress themes of your choosing will also be included. If you want to know more, you can check for the Video Guide and freebies. Read More

share: If you decide to host a blog by yourself using wordpress it’s still free right?

WordPress itself is free but you would pay for the hosting service. You can set up a WordPress blog hosted at their website for free. (See links below) Read More

share: How do you get wordpress hosting for free? is providing WordPress hosting for free. Create your WordPress site with a few clicks. Drag and drop anything anywhere. No coding knowledge required. Read More

share: Is it free to sign up to wordpress?

Yes. You can make as many blogs as you’d like to on WordPress, all for free. There are some upgrades that you would have to purchase if you wanted them, but you can create a good blog on WordPress and never have to pay anything! Read More

share: Where can WordPress be hosted for free? offers free hosting for your WordPress site. Simply signup for an account and you will be assigned a WordPress site. There is nothing to download. It even comes preloaded with many useful plugins along with a drop and drag theme editor. Creating a WordPress site never been easier! Read More

share: How do you make a .com website absolutely free?

If you want a regular .com name, you will need to buy domain name and then redirect it to a free host. Or, you can simply use a free web service that uses a .com extension. A blog does just about the same thing. To learn to make one try going to Ask or searching online. At a search engine, you can type in ‘How to make a blog’. WordPress is a free blogging service… Read More

share: What is wordpress about?

WordPress create a free blog 24/7 and join over!1 million other blogs Read More

share: Im student doing a project on kids site.I like template My Baby available on bt it is paid template so how can i take without paying for it please reply at

You can’t if you have too little web skills – and of course it’s illegal to steal copyright material — the web isn’t a FREE resource to every tom, dick and harry. So why not get a WordPress web site (they are free) and there are loads of free WordPress Themes. Plus WordPress lets you do loads of studd dead easy !! Recommended. Read More

share: How do you make a blog for free?

Both Blogspot or WordPress provide free blogs. Though, it’s blogname>.Wordpress|Blogspot>.com. Read More

share: Does it cost money to make a wordpress?

When you use the site it’s free but if you want to publish a blog with your own domain using the wordpress platform you will need to pay for a hosting service as well as pay for the domain. The wordpress templates themselves are free. Read More

share: What is the theme if someone is poor?

WordPress dot com and wordpress dot org offer many free theme options that you can choose from. Read More

share: What does wordpress hosting mean?

WordPress hosting refers to a service offered by companies, which may be free or paid. Such companies ‘host’ WordPress powered websites on their servers, making the content available on the internet. Read More

share: Where can one obtain free Nokia themes?

There are various on-line retailers where you can get free Nokia themes. For example zedge, store.ovi and handphonetheme all provide free themes for Nokia. Read More

share: Where can you get themes for psp free?

you can get psp themes in Read More

share: What websites can you go on to make a free website?

I always recommend WordPress. Initially started just for blogs, but now an amazing outlet for some great websites. WordPress is constantly adding new plug-ins to make this the most “user-friendly” source around. Many great websites you see today are wordpress. And if you have no idea how to build a website, wordpress can help. See the wordpress link I attached and an example of a wordpress site in full force below this answer. Hope this… Read More

share: Can you make totally free website on word press?

WordPress is a fantastic tool to create free websites however because they are effectively free (domains will cost) you may lack some much needed features. If you are after something simple then WordPress is usually the best. Read More

share: What were the dictators to Germany japan and Italy during axis powers?

i just lunched my new wordpress blog with twenty twelve free theme. But i facing some problem , how can i remove white space from my blog !! Read More

share: Where can you find free themes for your blackberry curve 9300?

Free themes can be downloaded in BlackBerry App World. 🙂 Read More

share: What is a wordpress blog?

WordPress is a CMS that you can make your own blog for free. Thus, a WordPress blog is a blog made using this tool. Note that you can use it from and You can know the difference from There are tutorials on the website. Read More

share: How do you built a web sites?

The easiest way to build a web site is to use wordpress cms, download from and upload at your web hosting space. After uploading, you need to install wordpress to build your web site and customize your site using suitable Themes available there to make same professional looking website. You can add various functionality to your site using plugins like yoast seo plugins for seo related functions, woocommerce to make your site ecommerce store… Read More

share: What is the best free and easy to use method or tool to create a website?

WordPress. Read More

share: Are free wordpress accounts good ideas?

I believe that they are, but this is really a matter of opinion. Read More

share: Where can you get free down loadable windows themes?

you can download free window themes from the following websites- website website Read More

share: How can one add Google advertisements to a free WordPress blog?

There are two ways to add Google ads. The first is to add the WordPress Plugin “adsense” at the WordPress website. The other is to go to Google’s AdSense page and see the manual coding they offer. Read More

share: Is Tumblr free to sign up for?

Tumblr is free to sign up and use. You can pay for themes but there is a large collection of free themes to choose from. Read More

share: Is wordpress free?

WordPress is an open source tool, so it is available for free download from the internet. It is powered by PHP, MySQL data backend and its customizable platform is practically the backbone of the Web 2.0 development. It has tremendous capacity to customize and manage an entire website. Openwave Computing specialise in WordPress customization, CMS integration, and programming. Read More

share: Where can free mobile phone themes be located?

There are several places where free mobile phone themes can be found, depending on the model of mobile phone that one has. Some places where free mobile themes can be found include websites such as Zedge, The Free Site, and Mobile 9. Read More

share: Can you get free wordpress CSS?

Sure. There are plenty of websites that offer WordPress templates and layouts, which are only a google search away. The official WordPress website also features a number of templates, boxed and ready for use. Links to both can be found in the related links below. Read More

share: Can you host an affiliate marketing blog using wordpress?

Yes, you can use the wordpress blogging to tool to host that if you are hosting the blog. You cannot however use to host the blog for free. Read More

share: Where can one find free themes for Windows Vista?

There are many places where themes can be obtained for Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system. Microsoft does offer a variety of free themes on their website and would be the most reputable and safe source for these themes. Read More

share: Where can you create free website layouts?

You can create free website layouts on a variety of websites. Some examples of free sites that allow users to do this are blogger and WordPress. Read More

share: Who owns wordpress?

Worpress is no longer just a blogging tool. You can virtually create anything with WordPress. For example offers free hosting for wordpress site and you can virtually create any type of site, ecommerce, blog, etc easily. There are two WordPress’es. They are WordPress CMS, and WordPress CMS WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It was first release on May… Read More

share: Where can you post safe photos and blog?

You can sign up for wordpress go to and its also free! Read More

share: Why ExpressionEngine is better than WordPress?

Actually, we should not compare ExpressionEngine and WordPress because both works quite different ways. WordPress is completely free and mostly used for blogging, personal sites, and eCommerce sites but ExpressionEngine is mostly used for eCommerce website development and also its subscription is not free. And of course, EE is better in many aspects of security and customer support etc. Read More

share: How do you make a website in wordpress?

You have to either download WordPress and install it on your hosting (you can find manuals on Youtube), install it straight from your hosting (if it has such feature), or use free blog installation service here: website Read More

share: Download themes of sigmatel fxd t33i for free?

yes down load in sigmatel themes Read More

share: Is there free website software available?

Yes Apache is a free server and WordPress and Joomla are free content management systems to install on your server to make your website look nice. Read More

share: Whats the Themes found in a free state novel by Naipual?

The themes found in the novel In A Free State by V.S. Naipaul are racism and the main theme freedom. Read More

share: Where can one get from some free Windows XP themes?

There are several places where one may download free Windows XP themes. The best place to get them is from Microsoft’s website. One can also find themes at Customize(dot)org. Read More

share: Where can a person find free web hosting services?

Free web hosting services can be found at Free websites, Webs, Free-Webhosts, Freezone and 000Webhost. Popular alternatives include Blogspot and WordPress. Read More

share: Is a wordpress website free? is totally free. You can buy upgrades if you want. is free to download, but you need to host it yourself and get a domain. Both of these require money. Read More

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