The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has informed ZIFA about what is needed to be improved at local stadiums so that they meet minimum standards to host the international games.

The continental body banned the use of all local stadiums, except Barbourfields, for its matches following an inspection conducted last month.

According to the Herald, ZIFA has been ordered to improve pitch conditions, floodlight systems and signage among other things.

CAF also revealed some of the things needed to be maintained at Barbourfields Stadium.


1. Pitch condition must be improved and the surface must be green and marked clearly in white.
2. In-field goalposts must be easily removable and spare goalposts must be available for quick installation.
3. The two covered benches should be at pitch level.
4. For evening matches, the floodlights LUX capacity must be according to the Caf CL match requirements. A minimum 1 200 Lux should be provided all over the pitch, covering uniformly every area of the playing field.
5. A uniform signage system around the stadium to facilitate entry or exit of people. It also wants clear adequate signposts to guide spectators to their sectors.
6. Entry gates, exit gates and doors must be operational and similarly clearly indicated by signs which are universally understood.
7. Installation of stadium specific sign-age from media entrance to all the various facilities for the media.
8. Installation of sign-age around the medical facility and throughout the stadium to notify supporters.
9. Barbourfields Stadium, to add “five individual seated toilets” in the dressing rooms, a massage table in each dressing room, a tactical board (white board/flip chart with pens) as well as good ventilation or air-conditioning.
10. A doping room which must be near the teams’ dressing rooms and must be “inaccessible to any person that is not involved with the doping control process”. It must be equipped with a television set, a refrigerator equipped with non-alcoholic drinks, sealed mineral water bottles, waste-paper bin for bottles, a ventilator and sufficient seating for at least eight people.
The toilet area must be immediately next to the doping control room with direct private access
11. Numbered bucket seats fixed to the floor at Barbourfields as well as a safety certificate from the concerned authorities in which they will set the permitted capacity for the stadium together with detailed terms and conditions that the stadium management must comply with in order to operate the stadium at its permitted capacity.