Paraguayan authorities have started new investigations on Brazilian legend Ronaldinho to ascertain if the former player is linked to a possible money laundering scheme.

The 39-year-old is currently in prison in Paraguay with his brother Roberto on charges of using fake passports to enter the country.

Following his arrest two weeks ago, police have opened separate investigations on the 2005 Ballon d’Or winner after Paraguay’s anti-corruption minister Rene Fernandez ordered the probe.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the money laundering allegations are emanating from Ronaldinho’s links with a businesswoman called Dalia Lopez.

Lopez wanted the former footballer to participate in a charity event organised by Angel Brotherhood Foundation.

The publication says the businesswoman was the one who organised the passports to Ronaldinho and his brother and prosecutors are now looking into whether the false documents show that there is a money laundering scheme going on using the name of the former Barcelona star.

However, it is understood that investigators do not know to what extent at how much Ronaldinho was aware by what was going on.