The Zifa Appeals Committee overturned PSL’s judgement in the match-fixing case involving Herentals after key witness Gift Kamuriwo changed his testimony, it has emerged.

The Students had been found guilty by the league for influencing the outcome of their 3-0 victory against Black Rhinos last season and were docked three points and also fined $300 000.

The Harare club then approached Zifa as they sought to overturn the initial ruling.

It has now emerged their appeal was successful after Kamuriwo changed his testimony, saying the money he allegedly received from middleman, Oliver Chirenga, was never intended to induce the manipulation of the league match.

The Appeals Committee, in their judgement, said, as cited by Herald: “He (Gift Kamuriwo) was called as an accused person (by the PSL disciplinary committee). The charge was put to him.

“He admitted receiving money from Chirenga but he said that when he took the money from Chirenga, he had no intention of influencing the outcome of the football match between Black Rhinos FC and Herentals FC.

“He even testified that he did nothing to facilitate anything to do with the fixing of the match.

“He further insisted that he had nothing to do with the selection of the team, since it was done by the coach. In his sworn affidavit, filed as an exhibit, he stated under oath that he accepted money from Chirenga in order to fix him and he used the money for his personal use.

“No witnesses were called by the PSL Prosecution to prove the point which the accused, Gift Kamuriwo, was denying that he had no intention of influencing the match and neither did he approach anyone at Black Rhinos FC in order to influence the match.”

This is in contrast with what Kamuriwo told his bosses at Black Rhinos when the club carried its investigations.

The former Warriors midfielder admitted to receiving the alleged bribe and was relieved of his duties as the team manager.