Midfielder Marvelous Nakamba could have been exposed to the risk of contracting coronavirus after his teammate and goalkeeper Pepe Reina said he showed symptoms of the disease some time ago.

The Spaniard who is on loan from AC Milan revealed on Tuesday that he was unable to take a test but says doctors considered his symptoms to be consistent with Covid-19.

“They don’t give you a test here unless you’re feeling really ill,” Reina told Spanish radio station Cope, as cited by AFP.

“I spoke with doctors and the symptoms I had were consistent with this (the virus) but there was no official confirmation.

“It was a different sort of week as I had to take precautions to avoid infecting those living with me.”

Villa, a long with other EPL clubs, suspended all training sessions and urged their players to isolate themselves as to minimise the chances of contracting the virus.

Several players around the world have tested positive while Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta was the first notable figure in the EPL to contract the disease.