Warriors coach Zdravko Logarusic was given the opportunity to go back to his native Croatia before the 21-day lockdown began but chose to stay in Zimbabwe instead, it has emerged.

The 54-year-old Croat, was spearheading the local-based players’ preparations for CHAN 2020 as well as the blockbuster double header against Algeria when all football activity was put on hold owing to the escalation of globa pandemic.

Loga, as the former Sudan coach is now warmly reffered to in Zimbabwe, chose to stay in the country so as to not waste any travelling time when the lockdown is over.

“I had an opportunity to travel back to Croatia before the lockdown, but I wanted to be with Zimbabwean people and be part of them until this is over. I am optimistic that this will be over soon. I did not want to lose any time when this is over. I want to be there and quickly start working as soon as this is over; going back to Croatia I would lose about two weeks sorting my travelling papers to get back here,” he told The Sunday Mail. 

“In some way I can say I am lonely but that is part of my job; mentally, I will have to deal with. I have been watching Zimbabwe national team matches, watching videos of the players, following what has been written about them so that I can have an idea of the kind of players I will be dealing with after this lockdown is over,” he added.