Former Dynamos coach Lloyd Chigowe has described the club as a political hotbed, revealing that a lot of things happen behind the scenes.

Chigowe left the Harare giants last season after taking charge of four games in the new campaign. He recorded a victory in his first game then went on to lose three consecutive matches.

Speaking to the Daily News, the gaffer said his sacking came too early, and he felt hard done.

“My experience elsewhere has proved that you can start badly but still succeed,” he said. “For instance, when I coached (Ray) Kaukonde’s AMC, we failed to overcome lowly sides in the first games as we had built a completely new team.

“But we then went on a 14-game winning streak, so yes I felt hard done, but then, Dynamos is a political hotbed.

“There are a lot of things that will be at play at the club behind the scenes. There are so many diverse interests in the Dynamos conundrum including some (parties) who will be subtly or openly agitating (for your exit).”