Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) president Felton Kamambo has unveiled an exciting route the association aims to take when dealing the issues to do with the national team.

The Harare businessman, who was elected into office in December 2018 replacing Phil Chiyangwa, has had his administration criticized for ‘mismanagement’, and not handling the players and technical staff’s welfare well but Kamambo insists all that is in the past.

“We are happy that for the first time the association is able to meet their financial obligations regarding the coach’s welfare. We don’t owe him any cent. We also don’t owe any of our staff members any money. ZIFA had gained notoriety for not paying coaches and at one time it even cost us a run in the World Cup qualifiers. But those are now things of the past. We have opened a new leaf as the association,” he told The Herald.

“We already have US$500 000 for the remaining six months. But we will not just spend because it was availed us a bit early.We will continue to operate the way we were doing so that by the time football returns we will be prepared to cater for all the national teams that have competitions that are currently on hold.“

“We cannot have a situation where ZIFA are known as cry babies, seeking for resources at the eleventh hour every time. We have to (make a) budget and stick to that. So the money we received will go to usual operations which include national teams travel, junior leagues as well as staff,” he added.