Warriors coach Zdravko Logarušić has revealed that he is going to make a proposal to ZIFA for the country’s football governing body to enable him to visit national team players based in Europe.

The coach returned to his native Croatia a fortnight ago after being stuck in Zimbabwe due to lockdown and says if resources are available, he would like to pay a visit to Warriors stars abroad.

“It feels good to be back with the family, I was worried about their safety during the lockdown, but unfortunately I couldn’t return due to the lockdown. However now that I’m here in Europe I need to make use of my proximity to the players in Europe,” Logarušić said according The Standard. 

“Beginning of next month I will be submitting a proposal to Zifa for them to provide resources so that I can visit some of the players based here in Europe. Of course, it will depend on the financial situation at Zifa and whether they are able to provide funding, but I think it’s for the country’s benefit. It will be easy for me to visit the players in France, England, Scotland, Turkey and Belgium; it’s very easy to travel to these countries when you’re here in Europe. Usually it’s a two-hour or one-and-a half hour flight and I will,” he said.

He emphasized the need to meet the players in person.

“I need to meet some of the players and their coaches here or maybe watch their training sessions or matches where possible. We need to see how they come back after this setback, we have to see which players can give results at the right time, at the right place, that’s why I need to see them closely, speak with them and hopefully their coaches to get some feedback,” said the Croat.