SuperSport United coach Kaitano Tembo described his former mentor Pitso Mosimane as someone with an immense passion for football and recalled an incident that happened when ex-Warriors goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar was in charge of the Matsantsantsa team between 1999-01.

Mosimane, who was an assistant to Grobbelaar at that time, was made to cry when the head coach decided to call off the training session ahead of vital games.

Tembo revealed this during a press conference conducted online this week.

He said: “I’m not surprised where Pitso is now‚ because I saw it when he was an assistant to Bruce‚ and we were fighting relegation at that moment.

“The bosses came to address us. And they took long, and we were at training already.

“After they addressed us, Bruce wanted to cancel the training and coach Pitso cried in front of everyone because it became so personal for him.

“That’s why some players don’t last with him because of less commitment.

“He cried. But for me, it seems positive because I saw someone who really could go far. Because at that moment he didn’t care who was watching.

“He could see that we were fighting relegation‚ and we had to fight and put more effort at training.”

Tembo also explained how he got inspired by Pitso in his coaching career.

He said: “Pitso is one person who’s really inspired me.

“I think in terms of mentality as a player‚ I had the same mentality as him when he was coaching me‚ because he was very ambitious.

“He’s one coach who always wanted to win‚ and he’ll do anything to get that. He’s very hard-working, and he taught me how to analyse matches when I was still playing.

“He would call me and say go and record that game – I will need you to watch one‚ two‚ three‚ four.

“And it was also easy for me to also pass the message to the other players. Because he would come to my place‚ with Thomas [Madigage‚ Mosimane’s late SuperSport assistant].

“They both played a huge role in me becoming a coach because they started preparing me when I was already playing.

“He’s one person I will always support because I know he’s also a little bit misunderstood‚ because he’s ambitious and driven.”