The ZIFA Appeals Board has quashed the Premier Soccer League’s decision to expel Herentals from the country’s top flight.

The Harare-based club was initially found guilty by the Premier Soccer League of taking football matters to ordinary courts but the ZIFA appeals board yesterday voided the decision citing “a vendetta” against the students.

“Clearly, all the circumstances left the Appeals Board with a sense that there was some animosity and some underlying vendetta against the Appellant by the PSL disciplinary committee.

The Appellant pleaded guilty and had also publicly communicated that it had instructed its legal practitioner to withdraw the Application for Review from the High Court.

The filing of the withdrawal was delayed by the Appellant’s legal practitioner due to their lawyer-client relation.

The ZIFA Appeals Board will leave the PSL and its members to amend its statutes so that it is clear. On that issue, the ZIFA Appeals Board moves for an order of absolution from the instance.’’read the judgment released yesterday.