Liverpool will be officially crowned the English Premier League champions in their final home game of the season tonight.

The Reds won the league for the first time in 30 years with seven games to go. They will lift the trophy at the Kop End of Anfield Stadium soon after their game against Chelsea.

The match kicks off at 9:15 Zim/CAT. SuperSport TV will broadcast the action live.

Giving his thoughts on coronation ceremony, coach Jugern Klopp said: “I don’t know yet obviously but I try to be prepared for it, kind of. It’s, for me, really difficult, it’s quite a challenge.

“There’s a football game, a very important football game, before that but I cannot and don’t want to ignore that after that football game, whatever happens, there will be a trophy lift tomorrow night.

“The boys worked so hard for it and everybody in this club worked so hard for it, so in the stadium it should be as good as anyhow possible. I will not disturb that, for sure not. I will be in best spirits.”