Premier League Transfer Rumours: What’s The Latest?

With the Premier League coming to an end, there is still plenty to get excited about. With the summer transfer window well and truly underway, several amazing transfer rumours could change the outcome of the league table in the 2020/21 and the future of some of your most amazing teams out there. In this article, we will be looking into some of the latest transfer rumours out there at this time.

Ben Chilwell A Potential Move To Chelsea

With tensions rising between Ben Chilwell and the team at Leicester, it is looking likely that the star will be leaving the club for a transfer to Chelsea in the summer transfer window. With many reporting that Chelsea are in a similar position to Liverpool just 2 years ago, we are expecting to see several huge signings for the club. With Captain Frank Lampard looking to make Chelsea a club to be reckoned with this season, this transfer window may be one of the best for the club in terms of team building and overall strategy.

No Signings For Liverpool Could Prove Problematic

Since the win of the Premier League for Liverpool, they have been seen to be one of the best clubs for a title win for a while now. But with the rumour of no signings for the club, this could prove problematic and could see them losing to other clubs in the league and see their betting odds begin to fall. However, with a few potential rumblings for some signings, there are some that would be willing to place their premier league bet on the football team. For those that have been watching the league for a while, this could look all too familiar as it harks back to when the Tottenham chose not to make any signings to their winning squad, could the same thing happen to Klopp and the winning Liverpool squad.

Tottenham To Potentially Sign Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg

Another club that is set to see a huge number of transfers in the summer transfer window is Tottenham. With the potential signing for Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg to join the squad, it looks as though they may see some amazing growth in the near future. This is important to the future of the club, as it could see them in the top of the league table this season as a result. This is key as this could see the club growing in the near future.

Fulham Looking To Sign Tottenham’s Oliver Skipp

In addition to the signings that Tottenham are looking to make, it is important to note that several players could have the potential to leave this summer, one of which is Oliver Skipp. With Fulham looking to sign him, this could open up another space for a potential payer on the Tottenham side. With a top 10 finish in the Premier League table, these ongoing changes could see the team make it to the top 5 in the upcoming 2020/21 season moving forwards.

Manchester United Linked To Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak

With the underwhelming performance from Da Gea in the last few Manchester United Matches, many are wondering whether the potential link to Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak could be curtains for his career at Manchester United. With several potential signings for Manchester United, this has by far been the most reported and could be the biggest change for the team as the signing of Jan Oblak could see them making the most out of the best goalie in the world at this time, making this promising for the team and there potential to finish in the top 5 next season.

Ivanovic Potential Move To Everton

The final move that is set to be highly profitable for the league at this time is the potential move of Ivanovic to Everton. This has become a shock for many that have been a fan of his career at this time. However, there are many still wondering whether this deal will even go ahead. After becoming a free agent after the contract expiring after Zenit St Petersburg this could be the perfect return to the premier league with the growing Everton team. Though this can take time, the negotiations are still rumbling on, this could be a huge success in the future.

As the transfer window continues to rumble on, we are set to see a huge number of amazing signings to strengthen the team as a whole. Which of these are you the most excited about?

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