Zifa is furious following a report in a local daily which suggested that the local football body was under investigation for rushing to “disburse” Covid-19 relief funds received from Fifa.

The Chronicle reported on Monday that the world football body is not happy with Zifa’s procedure in releasing the funds to its affiliates.

The publication also claimed that some Zifa officials are involved in forex black market activities, and they could have used part of the money in the illegal activities.

In a statement, the association dismissed the news, saying: “The Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) would like to correct an utterly fabricated and false story reported by one Sikhumbuzo Moyo in today’s edition of the Chronicle newspaper.

“This is one of the many false, malicious and outright defamatory articles published by the same paper and all written by the same journalist in recent days.”

The association further claims that the reporter is being paid by those who lost the previous elections to report such news.

“Zifa is aware of the special and specific role Mr Sikhumbuzo Moyo and a few others have been given by some who lost previous elections and a few from the regulators to cause problems for our football.

“It, therefore, comes as no surprise to see daily dossiers of fiction and unsubstantiated articles from Mr Sikhumbuzo Moyo. Zifa is also worried if this is the editorial policy of a reputable paper like the Chronicle to churn unsubstantiated and self-opinionated articles with no iota of the truth or maybe they are being misled by Mr Sikhumbuzo Moyo.”

Zifa also threatened to publish the names of other journalists being paid to report false news.

“Zifa will soon and with proof shame all those behind shenanigans to cause mayhem in our football.

“It is sad that some of those uncultured elements are mandated statutorily to assist sport. A lot is happening to target ZIFA Board members, councillors and secretariat all with the sole aim of destroying the game so as to gain relevance.

“In the goodness of time such characters like Sikhumbuzo Moyo shall be exposed without fear or favour,” the association concluded.