Godfrey Bakasa has hit out at South African football agent Mike Ngobeni over comments on Khama Billiat over the weekend.

Bakasa, who is known as Vokal, says he now manages the player and Ngobeni has no right to talk on his behalf since they parted ways last year.

The South African agent was quoted in The Standard newspaper giving his thoughts on Billiat’s under-performance at Kaizer Chiefs. He said the forward is going through a rough patch, maybe, due to the coach’s different demands.

“It’s a phase, which is affecting everyone [at Kaizer Chiefs]. But to some people it’s like he is the only one playing there,” Ngobeni told the publication.

“Sometimes it depends on what the coach requires from a player.

“Maybe the coach wants him to come from deep inside to collect the ball and start the build-ups, while maybe other coaches from his previous clubs wanted him to focus only on the attack.”

Responding to comments, Bakasa disowned Ngobeni, saying he can’t talk about Billiat because he is no longer his client.

“Mr Ngobeni and Khama stopped working together last year, there was an official notification sent to him, and he acknowledged,” Bakasa said, according to H-Metro.

“We were surprised by Mr Ngobeni’s recent comments on Khama’s footballing status.

“All this happened because the media wasn’t notified of the developments.”

Bakasa went on to reaffirm that he is now managing the player and will ‘attend to all tasks regarding his football business’.