The Egyptian Football Federation has misplaced the Africa Cup of Nations trophy, the board’s former vice-president has revealed.

Th Pharaohs dominated African football and won the spectacle three times in a row in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and were given the trophy permanently as a result but the federation’s former deputy president Ahmed Shobeir disclosed that the trophy is missing.

“Officials of the committee which meets every five years and  currently manages the Football Association were surprised that the trophy was not available, in light of their desire to create a museum at the federation headquarters, which would feature the trophy and the national team’s kits,” Shobeir said on the ‘On Time Sports’ TV show.

“However, [they] were surprised to find that the Afcon trophy was lost, and have decided to open an investigation.”

“The committee searched for the trophy, but then an employee told them that Ahmed Hassan, the former captain of the Egyptian national team, who won the cup three times in a row, has kept it,” Shobeir added.