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Action as it happened: Malawi vs Zimbabwe

Follow our live coverage of the friendly game between Malawi and the Warriors of Zimbabwe.


90+2 Malawi with another big chance but Shumba makes a great save to deny Mhone from inside the box.

90+1′ Malawi Sub: Malisero replaces Mhango

90′ Three minutes added.

89′ Zim Sub: Nekati replaces Billiat.

86′ Malawi Sub: Mhone replces Kuwali.

84′ Play stopped to attend to injured Billiat.

80′ Zim Sub: Taderera replaces Chinyahara.

78′ Zim on counter and Khama is at the end of it, but his last touch inside the box goes over.

76′ Zim Sub: Dzingai replaces Mudimu.

73′ Mbuli breaks away, beats his markers and strikes from inside the box but Shumba makes a great save to deny him.

71′ Cornerkick to Zim, cleared.

70′ Katema intercepts a pass and sets up Nilliat who tries a shot from outside the box but it goes over.

69′ Malawi Sub: Phiri replaces Chaster, Mbulu replces Idana

67′ Play stopped as to attend to injured Chinyahara.

61′ Sambani with a long cross to find Chister whose touch is too heavy and the ball out.

60′ Malawi Sub: Kaira replaces Chirwa.

55′ Slow start to the second half as neither team is making any meaningful threat.

53′ Yellow card to Chirwa, Malawi.

49′ Play stopped to attend an injured Malawi players.

47′ Cornerkick to Zim, played before the ball is crossed in but Katema fails to connect it properly and keeper collects.

46′ Zim Sub: Katema and  Nadolo replaces Mashumba and Phiri.


45′ Two minutes added.

45′ Yellow card to Chimwemwe.

44′ Another big opportunity wasted by Malawi as Mhango runs in and beat his markers before sending the ball over with only the keeper to beat.

41′ Mashumba gets the space but his shot from a range is too weak to cause any threat to Malawi goal, Keeper collects.

39′ Malawi misses a big chance as Idana blasts over in front of an open goal.

36′ Malawi breaks away on counter, Phiri does well to force Mhango out as the ball rolls out for goalkick.

32′ Play stopped to attend an injured Malawi player.

30′ Malawi with a great build but fails to finish it off as Mhango blasts his shot from a range way over.

27′ Zim comes alive for a moment but Malawi maintains the line to keep them at bay.

23′ Zim yet to create a meaningful chance at goal.

20′ Freekick to Zim in Malawi half, lofted into the box by Khama but Hadebe fails to connect it and sends the ball over.

19′ Malawi breaks away and Shumba fails to deal with a cross which rolls on the cross bar to go for safety.

17′ Freekick to Zim in Malawi half, wasted.

13′ Malawi gets a freekick on the other end, cleared for a corner which is wasted.

12′ Freekick to Zim from 35 yards out, Rusike takes it into the box, cleared and Chinyahara picks the loose ball but his shot goes way wide.

10′ Malawi dominating the pace in the opening minutes as Zim fails to maintain the possession.

8′ Malawi with a patient build-up, Sambani gets the space and tries to shoot from outside the box but his strike goes wide.

6′ Lunga with a long through ball but Mashumba is waved for an offside.

3′ Malawi on attack again but Mudimu makes a timely interception to thwart the danger.

2′ Freekick to Zim on the centre, wasted as keeper collects.

1′ Malawi launches first attack of the game with Kuwali breaking into the box but his shot is saved by Shumba.

1′ Zim’s Mashumba gets the game underway with the Warriors attacking from left to right on the screen.

*Zim in yellow kit with Khama Billiat wearing the arm-band.

Malawi XI: E. Kakhobwe, A. Sanudi, C. Petro, P. Chalopi, P. Sambani, C, Chirwa, C. Idana, Y. Chester, S. Kuwali, J. Banda, G. Mhango.
Substitutes: B. Munthali, W. Thole, H. Kajoke, N. Nyasulu, D. Chimbezi, G. Phiri, R. Mbulu, C. Kaira, A. Malisero, C. Kaonga.

Warriors XI: T. Shumba, T. Chimwemwe, T. Hadebe, D. Lunga, A. Mudimu, M. Phiri, T. Rusike, T. Chinyahara, M. Nakamba, K. Billiat, C. Mashumba.
Substitutes: N. Chadya, I. Nekati, D. Dauda , K. Nadolo, J. Dzingai, E. Katema, W. Taderera.


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