Warriors coach Zdravko Logarušić has reiterated the need for there to be players committed to the national team, saying the door will be shut on those still showing signs of indecisiveness.

Zimbabwe take on the Desert Foxes of Algeria in two mouthwatering AFCON qualifiers next month and the Croat, who will be in the Warriors dugout for the first time in a competitive game, questioned the commitment of some of the players he wants to use for the crucial double-header. 

Asked to add a footnote on that, Logarušić said: “What is important for me for a start is that a player must have the character and commitment, then I can see whether you can play for me or not. But if you haven’t got character and commitment, it is not necessarily for me to check how good you are or if can you represent Zimbabwe.”

He continued: “It’s very simple; everyone must be proud of representing the country. It is important for me, for players to have character and commitment because we are Warriors. If you don’t want to go to war with us, don’t go, stay where you are.”

There have been reports indicating that there some players who are answering the call for national duty in an undecided manner and Logarušić said those are not welcome.

“Zimbabwe deserves players who are committed. If you are ready for Zimbabwe, then Zimbabwe is ready for you. If you are still thinking about it, then the answer is a straight no!,” explained the Croat.