ZIFA weighing option to charter two planes for Warriors squad

ZIFA is weighing an option of chartering a second plane for the European-based players to fly straight to Algeria for the Warriors’ Afcon qualifier on 12 November.

Travelling restrictions, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, have kept borders of the North African country closed and no direct commercial flights are happening at the moment.

With two batches – one in Europe and another based in Africa – in the Warriors squad, ZIFA has been left with little options that would reduce the bill for the next month trip.

Speaking to Radio Algeria International (RAI) this week, coach Zdravko Logarusic revealed that the Zimbabwe association is considering setting up two pick-up points, one in Europe and another one in Zimbabwe – for African based players.

“The Covid19 situation has changed our plans, but we will try to bring some players from Europe and Africa to Algeria in a jet,” he said.

“This is what we are doing now, and this is our main goal. We will try to organize charter flights from Europe. All the players in Europe should come from the same airport, and we will make sure they come on a charter flight.

“And the rest of the players should come straight from Zimbabwe. This is what we are trying to organize now.”

ZIFA recently revealed another travelling arrangement that would see the players based in Europe flying to Tunisia and a charter plane from Zimbabwe would then pick them up en route to Algeria.

But that will depend on the costs as this plan would need a bigger craft that will accommodate a whole team.

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