The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) has reacted to a WhatsApp screenshot circulation on social media alleged to be of Technical Director Wilson Mutekede and a player based in South Africa, saying the conversation was doctored.

In the conversation in question, Mutekede is alleged to be speaking to a player giving him assurance that he has a place in the Warriors squad to have Algeria, with the player promising money in exchange.

The association’s spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela however insists the screenshot was created by people who want to ruin Mukekede’s reputation and clip his wings in the selection of players.

“As ZIFA we can confirm that we have seen the purported chat and we have spoken to Mtekede and we have also checked his text messages and, it appears, this is just another plot to try and smear his name,’’ Gwesela told The Herald. 

“As you are aware, a number of ZIFA officials have been targeted, in recent months, in such smear campaigns and there are some people out there whose mission is just to ensure that they denigrate the characters of the ZIFA officials.”

“Its possible to create a false chat, in this digital age, and this appears to be one of them because it’s not the first time we have seen Mtekede, and other ZIFA officials, being targeted,” added Gwesela.