Former Chicken Inn midfield ace Clemence Matawu was last week appointed the club’s administrator, a move which was hailed by the the local football family, as evidenced by an outpour of congratulatory messages.

We (S24) caught up with the 2006 Soccer Star of the Year (CM), who got a  Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Sport Science and Coaching from the National University of Science at Technology (NUST) and retired from the game in December last year, in a exclusive interview in the wake of his appointment.

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

S24: Clemence, social media was awash with congratulatory messages in the wake of the administrative role you were given by Chicken Inn Football Club, particularly the phrase “From running the midfield to running the club”, how did that make you feel?

CM: To be honest, I don’t usually get moved by headlines and I think that has been one of my strongest points. However, I am happy to open another chapter in this journey of mine.

S24: As a celebrated former football player in the country, your appointment obviously came as no surprise, but how humbled are you by the fact Chicken Inn chose you specifically, of all the legends of the club?

CM: Very much humbled my brother. I know it was not an easy decision by the executive to trust me with this position, an opportunity arose and I raised my hand. All I can say is bring it on.

S24: How do you intend to repay the trust bestowed in you by the Game Cocks executive and where would you like the club to head to under your administration?

CM: Well. by being accountable and transparent. Looking into the future, the ultimate goal is to become more professional- commercializing the club. However its not just going to happen over night. There is need to look into the structure of the club and see how it can evolve to realize this goal.

S24: Lastly, What are your final words to the football loving public, which showered you with congratulatory messages in the wake of the appointment?

CM: Thank you for the support and congratulatory messages. God Bless you all.