CAF confirms African appointments on FIFA independent committees

CAF has confirmed the appointment of African representatives on on FIFA independent tribunals and committees.

Among the appointments, Zimbabwe has no representatives while fellow COSAFA countries Zambia, Angola and Lesotho have their members nominated.

Here are the confirmed members to represent Africa on FIFA independent tribunals and committees.

FIFA Disciplinary Committee:
President: Mr. Kwasi-Anin Yeboah of Ghana, current Supreme Judge of Ghana;

Member: Mr. Guy Akpovy (Togo), current member and President of the Togolese Football Federation;

Member: Mr. Mohamed Wassef Jlaiel, Tunisian lawyer replacing Mr. Mahmoud Hammami (Tunisia);

Member: Mr. Salemane Phafane (Lesotho), lawyer and President of the Lesotho Football Federation, replacing Maclean Cortez Letshwiti (Botswana).

FIFA Ethics Committee:
Vice-President: Mr. Martin Ngoga of Rwanda, former Attorney General of Rwanda and President the East African Legislative Assembly;

Investigation chamber:
Member – Ms. Janet Katisya (Kenya), Kenyan lawyer

Trial Chamber:
Member – Ms. Ayotunde Philipps (Nigeria), former Nigerian judge

FIFA Appeals Committee:
Member – Mr. Celestin Yanindji current President of the Central African Football Federation replacing Mr. Jean-Louis Atangana Amougou (Cameroon);

Mr. Arthur de Almeida e Silva current President of the Angolan Football Federation replacing Albert Simango (Mozambique), Former President of the Mozambican Football Federation.

FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee:
Member: Mr. Andrew Kamanga (Zambia), current President of the Zambian Football Federation.

FIFA Governance Committee and Control Committee:
Member: Mr. Abdoulaye Diop (Mali), former chief of staff to the president of the Commission of African Union and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali.

Member: Ms. Edibayo Joanna Dassoundo to replace Fouzi Lekjaa (Morocco) who can no longer continue as a member of the Governance Committee following his election to the FIFA Council.

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