Man Utd could face points deduction in EPL

Manchester United could face sanctions after their EPL match against Liverpool was postponed on Sunday due to fan protests at Old Trafford.

Around two hundred fans broke into the stadium and invaded the pitch while more supporters demonstrated outside the venue just hours before the kick-off. The crowd was protesting against the club’s American owners, the Glazer family, following their involvement in the controversial European Super League.

United’s safety measures against Covid-19 for league matches were then breached and this forced both teams to remain at their hotels until a decision was made to call the game off.

According to UK newspaper, The Daily Mirror, Manchester United could be deducted points if the FA’s rules are put into effect.

Section 8.3.4 of the regulations states that if the Red Devils are found to have been at fault for the match not going ahead, Liverpool will be awarded three points.

It reads: “In the event of a match being abandoned due to the conduct of one Club or its members or supporters the Board has the power to order that the match is not replayed and to award either one or three points to the Club not at fault.

“It cannot levy a financial penalty due to the conduct of a Club.”

However, the publication further state that due to the fact that the police were among those to decide that the game could not commence, the Premier League would state that the decision was not up to United.

Section L.12 of the EPL regulations says: “A League Match shall not be postponed or abandoned except: (L.12.1.) when on the date fixed for it to be played either the Home Club or the Visiting Club is competing in a competition permitted by Rules L.9.1, L.9.2, and L.9.3; (L.12.2.) with the approval of or on the instructions of the officiating referee; (L.12.3.) by order of the police; (L.12.4.) by order of any other authority exercising its statutory powers to that effect; or (L.12.5.) on the instructions of or with the prior written consent of the Board.”


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