ZIFA clarifies date on elective congress

ZIFA has dismissed rumours that the date for the elective congress has been pushed forward and is now set for March 2022.

The reports circulated on social media claiming the association wants the elections to be held before the four-year term of the current administration, led by Felton Kamambo, ends in December.

A statement by ZIFA confirmed the date for the polls will happen in December as scheduled.

The statement reads: “ZIFA wishes to correct misrepresentations being peddled on social media to the effect that the elective congress of ZIFA will be held in March 2022.

“This position is misleading and false. The next ZIFA elections are going to be held in December 2022, after the full four-year (4 ) year term of the current office bearers, as is stated in our statutes regarding terms and duration of office bearers.

“There is nowhere in our constitution as has been suggested in some social media spaces where it’s said elective congresses are held in March, instead the same statues says office bearers shall be in office for a period of 4 years.”

ZIFA has also revealed that any interested person can participate in the elections as long he is qualified.

So far CAPS United legend Alois Bunjura has expressed his interest in running for the elections while UK-based football match agent Ellen Chiwenga has also thrown her name in the hat.

“Thus, the current office bearers, having been ushered in December 2018, shall if interested, stand for re-election in December 2022,” the statement further stated.

“Any interested qualified persons can participate.

“The Association urges the public to ignore such voices which seems to always thrive on electioneering.

“Elections come and go, and football cannot be held in perpetual election mode by those that have little to do.”

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